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Sanaa Dafani

Sanaa Dafani, 18, Italy.

Sanna Dafani was an 18 year old girl, living in Pordenone Italy with her father. Like many girls her age, she chose to wear western style clothing like jeans, worked in a pizzeria and also had an Italian boyfriend.
In September of 2009, Sanaa was attacked and stabbed with a kitchen knife by her father in the throat repeatedly while sitting in a car with her 31 year old boyfriend, who was also injured when he tried to defend her. Italian media reported that El Ketawi Dafani, a Moroccon immigrant objected to religious differences between his daughter and her boyfriend De Biasio and their plans to live together. A fast track closed door trial began that year accusing El Ketaoui of committing murder with the notion of honor killing.

Souad Sbai, an Italian MP for prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s People of Freedom Party, who headed the Association for Moroccan Women in Italy, attended the opening day of the trial and said “Our presence here doesn’t only honour the memory of Sanaa, whose only guilt was being free, but it is a symbol of our fight to protect women locked up in their homes deprived of their dignity,” said Moroccan-born Sbai in a statement. “Women too often pay with their lives because of their desire to determine their own existence,” she said.



How can the desire to choose one’s life
run the risk of death?
Is not that choice God-given?
It is.
It is gifted to us by the universe that runs through us.
That choice imbedded in the way
Our cells are created,
The way our heart beats
The way our breath rises and falls.
That choice is ours when we are born
To have lived to choose,
Means to have chosen to live
And love.
You will be remembered dear Sanaa.