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Name of the victim         : Shobha – 22 years.

Murdered person            : Shobha

The accused names       : her brother Mandeep and cousin Ankit.

Name of the place          : Ashok vihar Delhi

Date of the Murder         : 20th June 2010

Assassination : Shobha was just one of the victims in a mass honour killing in Wazirpur in Northern Delhi on 20 June 2010. She was murdered along with her sister Monica and Monica’s boyfriend Kuldeep who Monica had married four years before the attack took place. Shobha is said to have been independent by nature. Instead of conforming to the restrictive limitations placed on her, she liked to push the boundaries a little, taking the bus to MacDonalds or to a nearby mall in the upmarket area near where she lived. Indeed several years before her murder she had disappeared with a man, but had returned home without him. Her friend Deepak, 18, remembered her as “pretty, fun, outgoing”. Monica was more serious, but despite this had eloped to marry Kuldeep (the first from Wazirpur to do so), regardless of his being from a higher caste than hers and despite her parents’ disapproval. Needless to say she was happy with her life, they lived in a rented flat and Kuldeep worked in a call centre.

What made this case different was that older family members were not involved in their murder. They did however contribute to a culture in which murdering a woman who is seen to have tarnished a family’s ‘honour’ goes unquestioned. Shobha and Monica’s brothers, together with a mutual friend planned and committed the murder. It is reported that they were taunted in the street as a result of the perceived ‘dishonour’ of their sisters which goaded them into their barbaric actions.

The spark was when Shobha’s little sister ran away with a man, reportedly aided by Shobha. Together the brothers decided to punish the women in their family, even though Shobha’s elopement had happened years before and Monica and Kudeep were happily married. They firstly went to Monica’s house and shot her and her husband, and then went on to Shobha’s and murdered her as well.

After the killings the three murderers fled, throwing the pistol they used into the Ganges. The murder weapon was later recovered and all three were later arrested.