Tony & Anju

Name of the couple    : Tony & Anju

Profile of the victims        : They both belonged to difeerent religions and different caste of group and were the residents of a same village in Bathinda, Punjab.

Murdered person              : Tony & Anju

The accused                       : her brother and sister-in-law

Place of Murder                : Bathinda Punjab.

Date of Murder                 : 9th Jan 2011

Assassination                     : The deceased, both, were in their early twenties. Anju and Tony had eloped from their homes around 10 months back as their parents were against their relations. They had returned to Anju’s house and then Anju’s brother, in connivance with his wife, killed the couple with an axe, while they were sleeping. Later they threw the bodies on the railway track a police official said.

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