Name of the Victim     : Upendra


Profile of the victim          : Upendra 20,  hailed from Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh. He was employed as a fruit seller to Ayub Khan in delhi, later he developed a love relationship with Ayub khan’s 16 years-old daughter.
Murdered person              : Upendra


The accused                       : Ayub Khan and his three associates  Vinod Kumar, 25, Sonu, 23 and Mahesh, 22.
Place of Murder                : Shivani Enclave area in Dwarka’s Kakraula village, Delhi.


Date of Murder                 : 13th Jan 2011.


Assassination : Upender, who hailed from Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh, and his four friends lived on rent in a room owned by Ayub Khan, 45, a vegetable contractor and the 16-year-old girl’s father.

“Upender had recently befriended Khan’s daughter. A possessive father, Khan had seen them conversing on a number of occasions and was cross at his daughter for being friends with him, So, he asked Upender to stay away from her. When Upender objected and said that it was between him and Khan’s daughter, the incensed father decided to do away with him, “Khan arranged a party at the room where he, Upender and his other roommates had drinks and food together. Once everybody had gone to sleep, Khan slit open Upender’s throat with a kitchen cleaver.  DCP Aggarwal said.




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