Name of the couple   : Vedpal & Sonia                      


Profile of the victims        : Vedpal 23, an ayurvedic practitioner, was the resident of Mataur village in Jind district while Sonia 22, is a resident of Singhwala. They both belonged to the same gotra of a Jat community.


Date of marriage               : March 2009

Murdered person              : Vedpal


The accused                       : Sonia’s parents and Khap members of Banawala.
Place of Murder               : Singhwala in Jind district.

Date of Murder                 : 23rd July 2009.


Khap Panchayat’s orde   : Ved Pal, an ayurvedic practitioner, married and eloped with Sonia, 22, in March 2009 against the wishes of their parents. When the Banawala Khap, under whose ‘jurisdiction’ Singhwala, Sonia’s village is in heard about the marriage, they issued a decree stating that since the couple belonged to the same gotra, they were siblings and their marriage unholy. For the crime of “incest” and for dishonouring the community, the decree ordered that both be hunted down and killed.

Assassination : The newlyweds were tracked down and separated on May 22, not even two months after the decree was passed. Ved Pal could not bear the injustice and put his hopes in the laws that are supposed to govern this land. He approached the Haryana High Court and got a Court order for police protection. At 9pm on July 23, Balwant Singh, the SHO of Narwana Sadar, and Suraj Bhan, a warrant officer of the High Court arrived along with a police party at Ved Pal’s residence in Mataur village in Jind, Haryana. They promised to escort Ved Pal to Singhwala, where his wife Sonia was forcibly confined in her parents’ house, in order to get her back. As soon as he reached Singhwala, Ved Pal was attacked. He was dragged to the terrace in Sonia’s house and stripped. His face and torso were beaten with sticks and his neck and shoulders were cut open with sickles and scythes. Suraj Bhan was pushed from the terrace, while, astonishingly, the 15 policemen fled. They kept beating him long after he was dead,” says his mother.







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