Vijay & Anita

Name of the Couple  : Vijay and Anita.


Profile of the victim          : Vijay and Anita both were in their earlier 20s, and residents of Mohila village in Bhiwani. They both belonged to a same caste and were neighbour.

Murdered person              : Vijay and Anita


The accused                       : not known
Place of Murder                : Gaindawas village in Bhiwani district


Date of Murder                 : 12 April 2010


Assassination : While the girl was single, the boy was married about a year ago. A small container of celphose tablets was recovered from near their bodies, which suggested use of poison.

Although the police are treating the incident as a suicide pact, sources said that the bodies bore burn marks and foul play was widely suspected in their deaths.



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