Yasemine Çetin

Yasemine Çetin, 16, Turkey.

Yasemine was married-off at a young age and was soon given back to her family, only to die at the age of 16.

Not long after Yasemine’s arranged marriage, she was raped by her brother-in-law. Her husband and his family believed this made her impure and shameful. The husband rejected his bride and returned her to her father’s home, knowing she would not be welcome there either because of her dishonour. Days later, Yasemine was shot to death by her own brother.

Her brother-in-law was charged with rape. Yasemine’s father was arrested for provoking the honour killing, but her brother fled and is still at large.  Yasemine Çetin’s funeral was held by a local women’s group in June of 2006. None of her family members attended.


Yasemine, my beloved one,

This heart cannot fully fathom,

What it must have been to just be.

This mind cannot fully comprehend,

Your courage. Your glory.


You smile like there is hope,

Like there is that better day,

Like there is love,

Despite what they put you though.

You glow like there is God,

Like the heart cannot break,

Like there is strength,

Despite pain.

Despite days of rain.

You are in essence,

All of Life my dear.

It is an honor that you walked this Earth,

For when you lived, this Earth was blessed.





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