Yogesh Kumar Jatav and Asha Saini

Profile of the victims        : Yogesh Kumar Jatav, 21, and 19-year-old Asha Saini, lived just streets from each other in the crowded, claustrophobic Gokulpuri neighbourhood on the edge of the city. Yogesh worked as a taxi driver and belonged to a SC community, his parents were dead while Asha saini’s father had a well settled business of vegetables and she hailed from an upper caste community.

Murdered person              : Yogesh kumar Jatav and Asha saini.

The accused                       : Her father and her uncle

Place of Murder                : Gokulpuri Delhi.

Date of Murder                 : 16th June 2010.

Assassination                    : Yogesh kumar Jatav and Asha saini were tortured and murdered in a so-called honour killing, allegedly by the young woman’s family, who objected to the relationship.

“Over a period of several hours, the young couple were bound, beaten and given electric shocks before they died. All that time, the woman screamed and begged with her assailants–apparently her uncle and father–to spare the life of the young man whom she so wanted to marry. Ms Saini’s uncle apparently confessed to the crime and told reporters: ‘We killed them using an electric shock. Yogesh had come to our house. We don’t feel any remorse.

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