Yousra Al-Azzam

Yousra Al-Azzam

Yousra had been shopping for wedding dresses in Gaza City with her fiancée the day she was killed. Together they had visited the beach and eaten together, and then sat together watching the waves. Meeting up with her sister Magdoleen and her fiancée they all drove together towards Yousra’s home. On their way they were accosted and pulled over by a vehicle full of masked men who shot into the car. Magdoleen managed to get out of the car, to be clubbed and beaten while others were dragged out and beaten, Yousra’s fiancée shouting ‘she’s my fiancée, she’s my fiancee’ until he was rendered unconscious. Three of the passengers ended up in hospital, while Yousra was killed, shot in the head by one of the gunmen.

In the later extensive press coverage it transpired that the assailants were from the Hamas party, acting as a squad of ‘morality police’, though the party itself denied involvement. The killers were initially arrested, but were freed on the payment of blood money to Yousra’s relatives. Yusra’s mother has since said that she was devastated by this result. ‘We want them to be punished more, but as long as the old men take responsibility for these situations, we can’t do anything’

Yousra’s wedding was planned for 2 days after the attack.




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